About Us

Gonagro is a private agri-business company involved in buying large volumes of a variety of agricultural commodities from local farmers; processing these commodities and supplying the well-packaged agricultural end products to consumers within and outside Nigeria

Our primary focus is the procurement and processing of palm kernel nuts to palm kernel oil, palm kernel cake and sludge. Our business operations also extend to the procurement of other primary commodities like cashew, cocoa, groundnut, maize, beans, shea nuts, sesame, grains, vegetables etc.
Since inception, we have been providing an important link in the supply chain of our customers. With our worldwide network of selected and trained farmers, we are able to source, process and supply quality food and provide sustainable agri-business for farmers, stakeholders and the community.
Our team consists of highly skilled agronomist, procurement and contract specialists, Logistics experts and Account directors.

Our Vision

To partner in harmony with nature and smallholder farmers in transforming the agricultural industry in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.
To be a premier provider of high-quality palm kernel in Africa, recognized for safe practices and superior customer service and also sustainable Agri-business for farmers, stakeholders and the community.

Our Mission

To intensify agricultural productivity locally and internationally through sustainable farming techniques and processing high-quality agricultural products for the wellbeing of the environment and the nation.
To provide unsurpassed customer service in a manner that distinguishes us as the benchmark for excellence and undisputed market leader in Africa.

Commitment to Our Customers

  • To offer a quality business environment of trust, responsibility and professionalism.
  • To foster teamwork, innovation and accountability.
  • To be affiliated with career-minded individuals who

Commodities we trade in: